Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to School Update

Today was the first day of Spring semester for me, and I must say: I've never been this unexcited to go to school. When I got home Friday night, I literally cried non-stop all night long, and then continued when I woke up Saturday. I really just didn't want to come back.

It doesn't make much sense, because this is my first semester taking classes for my English major (I decided last semester to switch from studying Public Relations to Creative Writing), but I'm just...I'm not in the mood for school. I had an Economics class last semester that literally kicked my butt, and caused my GPA to fall below the minimum requirement for my academic scholarship, so I have to basically ace all of my classes this time around in order to bring it back to at least a 3.25 and keep the scholarship. Otherwise, it's goodbye college for me. I think that's part of it; I'm terrified because this is the most important semester

of my education, ever. Add on to that the fact that by the time it's over in May, I'll officially be halfway done with college, and in just two more years, it's "hello, real world."

I know that a big part of my sadness over the last few days is that a very close friend of mine had been visiting from North Carolina since the 30th (my birthday!!) and he was going to be heading home as well. It's hard having to say goodbye to friends and leave home, but it's even worse when those friends are also leaving. I know how much it hurts him to have to go home, because his heart is in Michigan and going back to NC kills him. But I digress.

Despite literally crying every single day since Friday, I've been doing fairly well. I got up this morning and had a breakfast shake, and I completed Week 1, Day 1 of C25K. I didn't have lunch today because I had a really emotional moment after talking t
o the aforementioned friend between classes, and ended up falling asleep for about an hour. However, I had a grilled chicken breast with a slice of swiss cheese on a bun and a bowl of chili and glass of skim milk for supper, and I treated myself to a frosted cookie just because.

Tomorrow, I aim to actually eat all three meals, and do some kind of workout, maybe abs or something, so that I don't just sit and do absolutely nothing on my off days of C25K. In the meantime, I really should go to bed and get a good night's sleep so that I'm prepared for classes tomorrow.
After finishing C25K today. (:

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