Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 2

It's Day 2 on my protein-shake plan, and I've gotta say...It's a LOT more challenging than I thought! Not even so much the fact that I'm restricted from eating most of the day, because I don't really like all that many foods anyways. No, my problem is more the fact that I'm NOT constantly eating, so I get hungry like a normal person.

Yesterday, I went out to breakfast with a group from my church after our weekly prayer meeting to this greasy little diner in town. I sat there with my protein powder and a glass of cold water (note: the powder is GROSS mixed with water!) while everyone else ate eggs, biscuits, gravy, oatmeal, and french toast. Really, I was fine not eating, because as I said: food isn't a huge obsession in terms of WHAT I eat...just how much. The restaurant owner even brought out plates of fresh watermelon, so I got to munch on about three pieces of that to go with my shakes. This is a weekly outing, so I'm going to need to remember to bring my own milk (I'm only allowed to mix with skim milk and water, but the diner doesn't have skim milk), and probably my own fruit so that I don't hog all the watermelon from the rest of the table!

For my lunch shake, I took an idea that I'd been seeing on Pinterest for quite a while and froze a banana while I was at my job interview (which, by the way, went well!). When I got home, I had just enough time to make my lunch & change clothes before I headed off to my friend's senior track meet. I mashed the frozen banana in a cup, mixed it with my protein powder, 6 oz. of skim milk, and the tiniest bit of sugar free chocolate syrup for flavoring. It was fantastic! I also took some Laughing Cow and a string cheese for a snack, and we went to McDonald's for dinner, where I got a grilled chicken sandwich, lettuce and tomato. I must say, I was pretty proud of myself for it, but I wasn't pleased with getting Fast Food. Live and learn, I guess. Last night I had 7 triscuits and some more Laughing Cow since I'd eaten dinner so early.

Today, I drank the shake straight with just milk for breakfast. Then, my dad (bless his heart for trying to do a good deed) decided to make omlettes, bacon, and biscuits. He made me a veggie omlette with cheese, and so I had that and barely half a biscuit for lunch, and a string cheese a little later on. This just means that I'll do my second shake for dinner today, and probably have a small snack later on, like an apple or some cheese.

For what it's worth, I feel like I'm doing well. I made the decision to add in a few snacks throughout the day that aren't just fruits, because there is going to come a time when I'm going to have to eat more than just powder, milk, fruits, and one meal a day. I'm no dummy, and I know that the second I go from barely eating to eating an appropriate amount of calories, I'm going to gain back a ton of weight. So that's the reason for the cheese strings and the Laughing Cow/Triscuits. At least they're not terrible decisions!

Also, I'm no longer going to be alone in my of my girl friend's, Lauren, is joining me in my month-long regimen, so it'll be nice to have some support (and someone else sitting at the diner nursing a shake every Tuesday morning!)

I haven't yet weighed myself, I figured I'd wait until Sunday (going to Cedar Point on Monday, so I won't be by my scale) and see how week 1 on this program went! I probably won't blog again until then, however, so happy Wednesday! (:


Monday, May 21, 2012

221.1 and Summer

Nothing like your doctor forcing you onto a two-protein shake and one-meal per day diet for the next month to get your butt in gear.

I guess that she didn't take too kindly to my gaining around another 5 pounds since Spring Break and my meds not working, so this is what I've been instructed for the next (at least) month. If it works, though, I have absolutely no problem continuing it for the entire summer.

Shake for breakfast
Shake for lunch
High-protein, low carb dinner
Fruits & veggies ONLY as snacks

This starts tomorrow morning. Hopefully it means more blogging, since I'll need to keep myself responsible for what I'm doing.

I've also got a job interview in the afternoon....fingers crossed it goes well, and prayers are appreciated! I really REALLY need to start making money this summer!