Monday, May 21, 2012

221.1 and Summer

Nothing like your doctor forcing you onto a two-protein shake and one-meal per day diet for the next month to get your butt in gear.

I guess that she didn't take too kindly to my gaining around another 5 pounds since Spring Break and my meds not working, so this is what I've been instructed for the next (at least) month. If it works, though, I have absolutely no problem continuing it for the entire summer.

Shake for breakfast
Shake for lunch
High-protein, low carb dinner
Fruits & veggies ONLY as snacks

This starts tomorrow morning. Hopefully it means more blogging, since I'll need to keep myself responsible for what I'm doing.

I've also got a job interview in the afternoon....fingers crossed it goes well, and prayers are appreciated! I really REALLY need to start making money this summer!

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