Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The List

It seems to me that the times during which I am the busiest are the times that I explore and dream more about my weight loss. However, I don't actively take the steps because I know in my mind that I'm paying more per credit hour than I am to weigh in every week and that I can pick up the pace and work extra hard this summer. Ultimately, I know that's not the ideal situation, but my education is far more important and expensive, so it comes first.

This week, I've stumbled across a lot more quality weight loss blogs, including Jack Sh*t, who I find to be quite unconventional, but absolutely effective. One of the things about Jack's blog that I thoroughly enjoyed was W.I.D.T.H. It really is a great concept, and I immediately started thinking. Of all the reasons that I have given myself about why I'm willingly embarking on this journey, what is the one that reigns supreme over all the others? I honestly don't know, but I managed to come up with ten that stuck out to me. I decided to make a list and think about the reasons over the next ten days, hopefully coming out with one (maybe two) that are the ultimate reasons Why I Do This Here. When I figure it out, I'm going to submit it to Jack Sh*t, and also post it here. In the meantime, here are my top ten W.I.D.T.H's, in no particular order:

1. Because I want to look good during halftime!
2. Because I want to be confident when I meet my future husband.
3. Because I don't want Diabetes, Cancer, or Heart Disease.
4. Because if I don't, PCOS will ruin me & I may never have children.
5. Because one day, I want to live near a beach.
6. To prove to myself that I CAN!
7. To prove everyone else wrong.
8. Because I want every guy that's ever rejected me based on my weight to regret it.
9. Because college only happens once, and it's a time for pictures.
10. Because sometimes, I wonder if I actually have two thighs.

Obviously not all of those reasons are major driving forces behind why I'm doing what I'm doing, but they are important. My goal over the next ten days is to figure out the most important. Expect blogs.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uh Oh

I am not hungry right now, and it's lunch time.

I'm thinking it's because I didn't eat breakfast until later than normal, and that I had more to eat than I usually do...still, if I don't eat lunch now, then my next opportunity is at 3:30...and that's if I don't get to go home.

I'm hoping that I do get to go, because I want to see my grandpa, who is not doing too well, along with go to my high school's musical and the funeral of a close family friend. Plus, my cousins are up from North Carolina, and one of them is like my big brother, and I haven't seen him in two years. Thus, I need to get home.

But back to what I was saying: not hungry, no food in the room for a snack, dliema.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back on Track

I'm so utterly disgusted with the fact that I haven't updated since March 1st. School has been a never-ending dumping of work, and during Spring Break, I was doing more homework and looking for summer jobs, so I didn't manage to find time even then.

Even in my absence, I've managed to keep my weight tracker updated, so that's one positive thing.

Other (non-weight loss related) news is that I have a job interview for a desk receptionist position for next year in the residence hall that I'm living in. It pays minimum wage and only averages about 15 hours a week, but I'm completely content with that because it's basically the easiest on-campus job that I could find.

Now, as far as my weight loss goes: I haven't necessarily been as strict as I know that I should be. I like to chock it up to school and being overly busy, but I know that I could make the time for it if I really tried. I did pretty well at the start of Spring Break, but by the end of it I'd gained 3.2 pounds and was feeling miserable. A good portion of that gain was due to TOM, and 2.6 of it came off last week, but I know that I could also combat the rest of it if I just got back down to business.

I've done better this week, eating salad for the first time in months and trying to keep myself from getting a stomach ache from it (for whatever reason, salad and mass amounts of bread do not agree with my medication...I still have yet to figure out why this happens.) In addition to the salad, I've had better breakfasts and I worked out yesterday (I would have today as well, but it started to blizzard and I was on my bike, so I needed to get back to my dorm before it got too bad.) Still, I ride my bike almost everywhere now, so it's not like I'm just not getting any physical activity at all.

I'm really kind of nervous about this week's weigh-in, but in a good way. I really just want to get back to the mindset that I was in a few weeks ago, when I was working out and the weight was coming off somewhat easily. I know that with the semester coming to an end, things are going to get pretty hectic, but my goal is to keep up with my tracking/exercise/eating and also with my blog updates. Just six more weeks and it's summer for me!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video Update

I didn't have time to sit down and type up an update, so I made a (kind of) quick video that hashes out the events of the last few weeks. Plus, pictures!

Here are the pictures of my face weight loss, as promised:

^^This was on October 8th, twenty days before I started WW.

^^This one was taken on Friday night. It amazes me how much my face has slimmed down in just five months.